Unicorn Cake For Birthdays And Weddings

A unicorn cake is the perfect choice for a birthday or wedding. It looks like a colorful and even more beautiful version of their childhood favorite, the rainbow cake with all the different colored frosting stripes. In addition to looking spectacular, unicorn cakes are not only delicious and sweet but they also taste great as well. This dessert is so easy to make that anyone can be able to do it, even if they’re not particularly skilled in baking. Here are some simple tips that can be used to choose the best unicorn cake.

Pick the right cake

There are many different kinds of cake that can be used to prepare a unicorn cake for birthday. The key is to find a cake that will not just look good but also taste good as well. The best option is to use a white or vanilla cake, which can easily be combined with other flavors and colors. Another advantage of using a vanilla or white cake is the fact that it will not cause the frosting, color gel and sugar decorations added on top to look pale in comparison.


The objects used to decorate the cake should also be chosen carefully. For example, the rainbow cake uses a combination of different colored frosting and also sprinkles. These decorations should also be used in a unicorn cake so that they can look colorful and beautiful. Another great idea is to use colorful rosettes or flower shapes as decorations for the unicorn cake.

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Decorate the top

The top of the cake will not only look attractive but will also taste good as well due to the frosting that covers it. To make its shape look just like a horse’s horn, use a tip on a stick to fix it on top of the unicorn cake after its frosting has been completed and dried out completely.

Choose the right decoration for the mane and tail

The mane and tail on a horse have special significance; that’s why it should also be used in making a unicorn cake. One of the best options is to use cotton candy that has been tinted with food coloring to get the desired color. A little bit of edible glitter can also be added to make them sparkle.

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