Tips for beginners for using tiktok:

There is no other individual are unaware of knowing tiktok social media network. Start from the day to the end of the day, tiktok has become our daily habituate to many. Of course, it is not granted all the people where it is only acceptable for social media passionate. Moreover besides sing face book and what’s app, users are staying active in this tiktok as well. Coming to the point of beginners, they even do not have clear knowledge on using tiktok. But they download certain videos using apps availability without watermark featured. Like you say, there is a tool which downloads free video saver tool namely . Once visit this site to get more information.

Tips for beginners for using tiktok:

Let’s see some tips to beginners those who are using tiktok for the very first time:

  • Initially after signing up into your account, you are advised to go through privacy settings of your account. Just look upon the privacy options clearly and ensure some of the things to be left private to you. For example, if you create any video, by default it will appear in public mode. If you want your video to be seen by respective people only, you can set up in this privacy mode. It also includes, who will like your video, comment and share like that is all within your hands only.
  • Especially for the beginners, remember that you are not able to create any video on this tiktok app directly; you just need to upload the video from your gallery only. You need to make use of best video editing apps available now to create your video and upload that video in the tiktok app for almost around 15 to 60 seconds video.
  • This app does allow you to insert some set of photos like a slideshow and you can upload them in a video format as well. If you want to get some templates, you can choose the best photo template for your photos slideshow video. Also check with the length of your video too.
  • If you like any video on the tiktok app, then you can make that video as GIF format too. It also has that option to convert that video into GIF. Added by, in this app you can record the video that you are uploading with the help of timer option.
  • Finally you can delete the video that you don’t like, you can trim the video and similarly you can also download the videos, songs using downloader apps like com predominantly available on the app stores as well.


It is really bit easy to learn the usage of this app but ensure that maintain privacy also matters a lot. It means especially to beginners those who make use of this app continuously.

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