Why do People In Edmond Need Screen Enclosures?

Living in Edmond is fantastic. There is snow, there is heat, and there are tornados. Well, you get to enjoy everything here in Edmond. But how about being able to enjoy the weather by sitting outside?

Outdoor activities are fun and quite educational for kids. But not in this heated weather. No one to sweat. Screen enclosures in Edmond, OK, is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor activities in any season. It lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Advantages of screen enclosures in Edmond, OK

  • Increases useable space

Adding screen enclosures increases your house’s resale value and adds space to your house. It elevates your outdoor activities; with screen enclosures, you can enjoy the rain with your family.

  • Enclosed patio areas protect your pets

Streets are dangerous for your playful pets. But they need outdoor activities. With screen enclosures, your pet can enjoy being out of the house without getting harmed or infected by diseases.

  • Act as an outdoor bug protection

Bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests are the number one reason why you can’t enjoy outdoor activities with your kids. Screen enclosures protect you from harmful bugs while you can spend your time with kids.

  • Filters wind

Windy days are love but not for outdoor activities. A windy day is a big no if you are allergic to dust or pollen. But with a screen enclosure, you can even enjoy a windy day.

  • Adds a charm to your residence

Of course, a screen enclosure adds a new charm and a wow factor to the house.

Different types of screen enclosures for your house-

  • Super screen- this is popularly used for large porch screens and can stand high wind conditions
  • Aluminum screen- most commonly used in enclosures for porches, decks, and lanais.
  • Pet screen- as the name suggests, is exclusively for pets, and the screen says unharmed by animal scratches.
  • Solar screen blocks up to 75% of sun rays and is commonly used for areas with openings for direct sun.
  • Fiberglass- this is a tinted screen with a charcoal color that is good for visibility.
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