Tips on designing your screened porch

Increasing your outside area to allow you to enjoy it more is one way to live large physically, and a screened-in patio can be the answer. It is a spot to enjoy a quilt and a pot of tea as the weather changes while watching the sunset in late June and seeing the fall leaves. Such a structure welcomes light and breezes while shielding you from bothersome insects and unexpected downpours.

A screened porch has a roof and, as the title suggests, encloses much of the space with mesh, apart from an outdoor patio or terrace or a conservatory, which often have entire glass outside walls. Here are some suggestions and practical how-tos for building the ideal screened in porch in Spokane Valley, WA.


You are installing structure all around an open porch and adding netting after that is screening it. Despite being a pretty straightforward DIY job, kits and frame systems offered at home stores make it much more specific. Buy hardy redwood or cedar lumber to avoid insect, rain, and wind damage if you want to build a covered patio from scratch. Mesh comes in various forms that are appropriate for different settings and circumstances.

Install systems that enable climate control and enhance air quality to allow you to utilize your porch comfortably in less-than-ideal situations. Additionally, the screens themselves may be able to reduce the light entering the porch and other rooms, varying based on the type of screen you purchase. Including skylights is one approach to get around this.

Flooring and Seating

A screened porch needs hard flooring because it will likely see a lot of foot activity. Composite decking is low maintenance and has a wood-like appearance. But won’t break, splinter, or need to be stained again. A vaulted or inclined ceiling will provide aesthetic appeal if your environment permits it.

Adding a skylight might provide additional lighting during the day and allow for gazing at night if you have to walk straight. No issue where you set up the seats; leave enough space between it and the entrance so that people can enter and exit quickly. The most incredible place for seats would be along a home wall with chairs facing the view if you want to create more of a wildlife observatory.

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