Facial Massage – What is it?

The face has many muscles to support and maintain facial features. The most important to massage are the muscles around the eyes and those around the mouth.

The face is the most sensitive part of the body. Our emotions are constantly being read by others and we constantly pick up information about our lives from observing those around us.

We have a permanent, ongoing dialogue with our environment.

To relax your face, you need to relax all of your muscles. When we are stressed, we are more tense because we are holding the position we are in, and the stress is being stored in our muscles. As we massage these muscles, we are releasing the hold on them and the stress is being released into the ether.

If you cannot relax all of your muscles at once, then when you are relaxing a muscle, you can actually relax another muscle. So by relaxing your face, you are also relaxing your neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, buttocks, arms and hands.

When you are doing a facial massage in Los Angeles  you are really stimulating the lymphatic system, which is the system which circulates your fluids and excess toxins. The circulatory system is intimately related to the emotional state of the body.

Facial Massage for Beginners

Many men and women begin a facial massage career because they are highly regarded as professionals in a particular field, such as hairdressers and beauticians.

Their expertise is in working with other people. Yet often they feel they lack the confidence to do this themselves. It is something they are not familiar with, and at times they feel ill-prepared.

To learn to be a facial masseur, you need to get good at practicing the basic finger movements, as this is the simplest form of massage.

At first, think of it as a really good foot massage and you will not feel so daunted.

A Massage Technician

Facial massage students have to be well-qualified massage therapists, who can practice not only massage on their own clients, but on other people as well.

More and more, you will find the facial masseur is also a beauty therapist.

They have been in the beauty and cosmetic business for many years, and have worked their way up to being a very well-paid or trained masseur.

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