When your ford need new brake?

Over the space of a short trip, ageing or malfunctioning brakes can move your Ford from absolutely safe to deadly if you’re not paying attention. It’s vital to keep an eye on your brakes since they age differently depending on where, how often, and at what speed you drive. Keep an eye out for these six clear symptoms that your Ford needs new brakes to keep one of its most vital safety features in functioning order.

Brake Pedal That Pulses

A brake pedal that pulsates instead of pressing smoothly is a classic symptom that your Ford’s brakes are on their final legs. This pulsation is caused by the vibration caused by worn brake pads and is a strong indication that the brake pads should be replaced before they cause any damage.

Problems with Steering

Steering problems can be caused by a variety of maintenance issues, including faulty brakes. In fact, a locked or frozen caliper causing extra friction on a single tyre is one of the most common causes of steering issues. Even if the problem appears to be resolved on its own, have it examined by a mechanic to ensure that your brakes continue to function properly.

Sound of clicking

Most brake pads generate a variety of noises as they wear down, each of which indicates something different. If you hear a clicking noise, it could mean that a manufacturer-installed device that keeps the brake pads from rattling when you brake has failed. A clicking sound could indicate that the brake pad or device needs to be replaced.

Brake Pad Thinning

New brake pads are about a half-inch thick when installed by your Ford maintenance expert. However, as you use your brakes to slow down and stop your automobile, the pads thin out and lose their effectiveness. Peek between the wheel spokes and check for the pad that rests between the caliper and the rotor to determine the thickness of each brake pad. It’s time to change your brake pads if they’re less than a quarter-inch thick. Check ford brake sales and order Ford brakes online.

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