Direct Mail In London, ON. Explanation and Manual

In direct mail advertising, tangible promotional material is couriered directly to a consumer or company. Know more about direct mail in London, ON.

As a method of advertising, direct mail has traditionally consisted of delivering a printed promotional item to a target audience through the mail (often the United States Postal Service, although sometimes other courier services are used).

Because direct mail often comes unannounced, some receivers call it “junk mail.”

These are some of the most typical types of direct mail:

  • Brochures/ Newsletters
  • Flyers/ Newsletters/ Catalogs/ Postcards
  • Envelopes for coupons


The recipient list is just as important as the actual mailing regarding the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign.

Compiling a list of potential recipients for a direct mail campaign

When the right message is sent by direct mail to a person in the market for the advertised product or service, it may be quite effective. When the right message is sent by direct mail to a person who is in the market for the product or service being advertised, it may be quite effective.

Direct mail marketing specifically addresses the consumers who are most likely to desire or need the advertised product, as opposed to the mass audience reached by less focused advertising (such as national TV advertisements or billboards). That’s why sending out flyers isn’t just as effective as emails.

Establishing Who You’re Selling To

The question then becomes, “Who are the ideal clients?” The answer to that question is as unique as your company and its products.

Which gender you are, how old you are, how much money you make, how much schooling you have, and if

  • Driver or non-driver
  • A Family with Young Children
  • if they are working or not

If you want to use direct mail effectively, you need to know the answers to some fundamental demographic questions about your consumer.

To what extent, for instance, can it assist in knowing whether or not the people on your list have hardwood floors, dogs, financial portfolios, or asthma? What information do you find most intriguing?

Where to locate your inventory

Finding your target clientele follows after identifying them. You may rent lists of persons that fit your criteria from a mailing list broker or other sources, like:

  • Magazines
  • Institutions such as colleges and universities
  • The Credit Card Industry
  • The Cellular Industry
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